Trouble with basic navigation

Hi folks, I just found a ride I’d like to follow, called Othello Tunnels out of Vancouver BC. When the page opens up, it displays a map with a route to follow. I can’t seem to zoom in on it to read street names as the blue outline and arrows block road names. I tried the Navigate button and it takes me to Google Maps, and the route is all messed up. Any other way to figure this out?

I’ve been successful downloading the gpx file and uploading it into an app called Calimoto
Calimoto has paid versions but the unpaid one works well too.
I used the desktop version of Calimoto to import the Motowhere gpx file.
If yo log in to both the desktop and app of Calimoto, a saved trip will show up on both devices. Calimoto allows turn by turn.
Motowhere is saying they have turn by turn now but I haven’t tried it.

Hey @Alexandre_Fournier - sorry for the slow response.

If you tap the “Navigate” button, you will be presented with two options; the Google Maps option, or the “Live Ride” option.

If Google Maps doesn’t work properly (and often it won’t because it doesn’t support a large number of waypoints) try the Live Ride option.

Whilst it’s not turn by turn navigation like Google Maps, if you have a handlebar phone mount it works quite well as a “follow the blue line on the map”. I’ve used it successfully on many rides a long way from home over the last couple of years since we deployed it.

As @StreetTriplefmh pointed out, you can also export the GPX file to other navigation software which might also work well for you.

Let me know how you go!