Problems with Google when displaying maps

When opening A Motowhere in Google it is not displaying the entire route as it did in the past, tired with two different maps and the same thing. Any ideas? TIA

Is this when you try to navigate a route? Or just view a map?

Can you please post an example URL here so I can take a look? What web browser & operating system / device are you using?

I had similar problems but managed to solve it. I was using MotoWhere on Microsoft Edge to plan my rides & for on the road navigation I have a iPhone 6S running IOS 13.1.3 with Google Maps Ver 5.50, both are relatively up to date. When I tried to navigate a planned route using GM on my iPhone nothing happened, just spinning its wheels! Then I had the bright idea to use Google Chrome to plan a ride & it now works fine, then I found out MS Edge is actually Chrome but my version was not up to date, I have stuck with Chrome & don’t know if MS Edge would now work. Might all be some sort of coincidence but there you have it…

Motowhere link,

Google link,

Sorry for the delay in my response. The first issue I was having seemed to resolve itself so all good there. The issue I’m having now is that when Google maps opens my route it changes some of the roads which I specifically want to take, anyway to correct that? Even if I correct and Google and send to my phone it still follows the roads Google has suggested.

I use Chrome to create my maps and a Samsung S9 for viewing/GPS. TIA

Try using more waypoints as GM will often just take the quickest or shortest path. Also use the Avoid: Highways. Tolls. Ferries. check boxes in MW to help out when planning rides. Best of luck & happy touring…

Thanks Wayne, I’ll give that a shot. :+1:

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