Possible new features

Is it possible to make a copy of a map so you can make small adjustments once you have ridden/driven actual route? Also, can you reverse a map making Z the starting point as opposed to A?


Thanks for the feedback Paul; both are good suggestions!

Being able to add a new waypoint in the middle of a map I made would be useful. For example, my existing route has points A B C D E I’d like to be able to add another stop between B and C.

@Neil_S You can do this actually. Just click/tap on the route and it will insert a waypoint (in between the previous and next ones)

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Thanks Jules. I thought I’d tried that and it did not work (just checked and you’re right).

Hi Jules - Firstly, compliments on creating MotoWhere! Such a great tool. The functionality of RENAMING A RIDE must exist and it must be only me, not finding it?

Hi @G-House - open your ride, click the yellow “edit this ride” button, and in the “Share” tab you will see the “Name this ride” field. Change that and hit save.

If you’re on mobile; you’ll need to open the left-hand menu (swipe or tap the top left menu icon) to see this stuff.

A little late but thx, Jules! Brilliant.