Paid Version & Panning Screen

Really like the app but have a few questions.

Is there a paid/supported version?

When navigating using Live Ride, I understand there are no turn-by-turn directions and that I can zoom in and follow the blue path as I ride. Is there a way to make the screen scroll so I don’t have to constantly manually pan the screen to keep the route in view?

Any insight greatly appreciated!

No plans for that currently, but if I did go down that route it would enable me to devote more time to development. I’d be happy to hear any suggestions of what you think would be a reasonable price to pay for motowhere?

If you click on the “Me” button show here it should automatically track your location with the phone’s GPS:

If that doesn’t work, GPS location usage by web sites is most likely disabled in some setting on your phone.

Rever charges $20US and is not as user friendly to me as MotoWhere. If you had a donate link, I would.

Sharing positioning data on Spotwalla would be nice. I use GPS Bubbler and a Garmin InReach to send data to my Spotwalla feed.

Thanks for pointing out the “Me” button.

Hi there! Sorry for the late reply…
I use Calimoto to plan, navigate, and store all my rides.
I’ve been using it for over a year now and am very satisfied. You can export rides to and form Calimoto and MotoWhere which makes planning really easy.