MW refuses to go down some roads

I’m new and practicing creating some new routes. I’ve discovered the importance of placing waypoints in key places to force MW to take the path that you want which is fine. One anomaly I’ve struck is that it refuses to go down some roads no matter how I place the waypoints or even if I add extra ones. I’ve attached a screenshot to show of

The points can be viewed at
It occurs between point P and Q.
This is just an example as I’ve had the same problem with other maps I’ve created. It’s like a movie donkey that refuses to go where it’s owner wants :slight_smile:

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Indeed this can be annoying. Unfortunately it’s not something that we have any control over, as our routing relies on the routes generated by the open source maps routing engine (OSRM). If their software thinks a road is impassable for some reason, then it won’t route down there.

Hi Jules, thanks for the reply. I figured it might be something like that but as this is my introduction to MW, I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t doing something wrong.