Most annoying thing about Motowhere

1 - It doesn’t have an easy to use filter to easily select the region you want to view once you’ve already entered the site and viewed a ride.
2 - When plotting a ride have a save/erase option would be great to save waypoints on longer ride routes.
3 - A simple way to post this when using an iPad such as a post button.

Thanks for the feedback Warren! If you don’t mind I’d just like to clarify a couple of points so I can better understand the problems:

So that’s when you’ve viewed the map of a ride, and you want to “close” that ride and search the map elsewhere for other rides?

So you mean being able to save the route periodically as you’re creating it?

If so, this is possible; you can use the Save button at any time throughout the process. But the Save button is in the sidebar, so I’d agree that’s not very convenient on mobile/tablet.

You’re referring to the reply button in the Forum software to reply to this topic? Or posting rides?


Hello Jules, responses are under your questions.

When I was using the site last, when first accessing I had an option of choosing a region to look at (i.e. Queensland Australia). After viewing someone else’s ride post I wasn’t able to navigate back to Queensland Australia to look at other rides and couldn’t locate a filter to use.Ok, to be truthful I haven’t tried this for a while but last time I did I found it frustrating to use and wasn’t able to edit without clearing the whole route. I’m going on a ride this weekend and will plot the ride next week and if you’re happy, provide you with feedback.When I used the link to provide feedback, upon finishing the above feedback I struggled to work out how to submit as the radio button that submits is called feedback or something similar that I didn’t want to use in case it created a new feedback and lost what I had just typed. To save confusion simply call the radio button “submit” as its self explanatory.