Most annoying thing about MotoWhere

Ok let’s start this road to self improvement with a painful question (for me, as the site developer!)

What’s the most annoying thing about using MotoWhere?

A bug? Some simple feature missing? Something just doesn’t make sense and you keep bumping into it?

Hit me with it!

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Hi Jules,
I have been having trouble creating rides they no longer follow roads on the map they just connect each point with a straight line.

Regards Rory

Hey Rory,

Yep it seems our routing engine provider (OSRM) has let their SSL certificate expire; which means for the moment we can’t get any road routing data from there!

Hopefully they fix this soon.

If not, I’ll see if I can figure out a workaround for it.

Sorry for the hassle!


Hey Rory,

Just to let you know, I’ve deployed a temporary fix for this which may work. Hopefully we can get the underlying problem resolved soon.

Let me know how you go with it!



I’m new to this site, and while most of the quick reference badges on the rides seem self explanatory (like ‘scenic’, ‘twisty’, etc.), some are not; like ‘high enforcement’ and ‘rough’. For the former, is this related to police enforcement? For the latter, does this mean the road is rough? Is it a paved or a dirt road? It’s rough relative to what? I’d like to see a Key of Terms defining these reference badges that explains and takes the guess work out of the intent.


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Thanks for your feedback @Laura!

Screen time out! Screen turns off after awhile. I don’t have option to change time out settings on my Samsung Galaxy s23 maximum 10 minutes. I have spoken to Samsung they said there is nothing they can do about. Google map and Waze app there is an option to change to never time out while using the app. Any advised would be appreciated.

I can recommend the Screen Alive app. I’m using it on a Samsung S20. It’s very simple and it will keep your screen on as long as you want.