Help me propose to my girl

Hey Everyone, I was hoping to get some help to propose to my Girl today, I know it’s late notice but I only just worked out it’s the last weekend before she goes back to the Gold Coast for Christmas with her Family and I really want her to have the ring. A bike ride has a special meaning to us regarding the way we meet.
The idea would be for everyone to meet at 5pm at the bottom of Mount Anslie. I need someone who can double her daughter as well. She’s 8 but been on bikes and has full safety gear. We will stop, drop her daughter off and ride up and hoping to have everyone follow. I know it’s really late notice but hoping a few can help. If you give me your mobile number I’ll send you a 6 pack or bottle of wine for your assistance. If you can’t do 5 but can do another time message me and we can look at changing it depending on people. Ben 0422640481