Greater Vancouver - PoCo new here and looking for riding friends

have a 2018 Triumph Street Triple and have just moved out from Ontario - I’m 60+, have an enthusiast son in central BC whom I ride with when I can.
Just getting back into it as an owner after over 30 years!

Need some help with good routes out of the city and always nicer to ride with others.

Hi StreetTriplemh
I live in the Whiterock area and am retired so mid week days are my favorite, my specialty is South of the boarder,. I enjoy a good romp in the country or even a two three day road trip given the right weather conditions,. I have a mid sized BMW ADV bike and a 1000 Ninja,. I plan on doing some rides starting in March so keep in touch,.

Hi Lyle
Thanks for your reply! You are the first.

Sounds good to me. I am newly back into riding although I did a 4 day trip last summer with my son, partly down into Washington state.

I am somewhat cautious but hoping to get some rides in over the next month or so to get better techniques.

March sounds like a good time to meet up.

Fraser Hancock

Ill try texting you at that number later,.