Nice ride idea, David!

I’m also a Multi rider planning a similar trip starting early July.

Are you planning on riding this one soon? Perhaps we can meet up for some stages!

Hi Jules
Thanks for the positive comments , no start date at this stage ,retirement plan I’rd say as I would take my time with something like this 5 to 6 weeks . tho I haven’t done the sums . Your planning on going this July ? . My wife and I are off to do a 2 week OZalps tour in July .
Sounds like you’ll beat me to it , be very interested in how it go’s
Cheers Dave

Yep probably going to leave next week actually!

Most likely I won’t make it quite so far north, but hey you never know.

PS You’re very keen hitting up the alps in July! Let me know where to find the snow chains for the multi :slight_smile:

No not the Australian Alps brrrrrrr :cold_face: , European Alps ,have a look here doing the Five Countries East tour . Did the Five counties west in 2016 ,absolutely amazing , and met some great people so we are all head back to get some more . Australian guys runs the tour small groups .
All the best for the trip :+1:

haha ok got it. I figured it was local with the name “OZalps” :slight_smile:

PS I’ve just launched the photo galleries feature onto MotoWhere today, so make sure you share some stages of your trip with pics so we can all be jealous as we freeze down here!

Hi Jules
Ozalps , because he’s an Ozzie with German parents "Cliff Pop "

Will work on putting up some pics on the trip , I dont have the route we take tho , will try to work something out