Brampton smat car pickup (prime)

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Anyone on this ride today? I’m down to join if anyone’s going let me know

This is a ride in the planning stage at this time.

I have other rides that are already mapped out and probably a lot more interesting than this one. Thanks for your interest though. It tells me that at least someone is looking at them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah. I see. Just signed up on this thing today in order to find more ppl to ride with and thought it was a ride for today specifically. I’m down anytime tho. Thanks

Roughly, where are you located? I may know someone in your area who takes day-trips on their bikes.

Milton. I have a 2019 Suzuki SV 650 and about 4 years experience.

*** A good friend of mine goes on regular rides, usually in a small group of others with “crotch-rocket” styled bikes (see photos). She is the last on in that line and is in the Hamilton area. I could
contact her and see if she and her group would be interested in having another rider join them. If she agrees, I can pass along the fact that you might be interested if that’s ok with you. It may take a day or so to get an answer. If she agrees and is willing
to give out her contact information, I will pass it along to you. ***

Sure. That would be great. I’m married with two daughters, so I’m just looking to get out and have some downtime away from the crazy house and enjoy the outdoors and views eh. Let me know. Thanks

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