Additional Forum Breakdowns

Hello Community and Jules.

Though I’ve known about this site, for some reason I only joined up this morning. With a community spanning a few countries (and 2 continents that I’ve noticed in the brief moments I’ve been here), I love the idea of rides to be shared and will look at leveraging this GPS Tracking system you’ve worked hard to develop.

Your forum has 3 clear sections (rides, feedback and uncategorized). I was wondering if you may consider some additional breakdown to help identify rides in specific geographies. I’m not talking about a US State-by-State breakdown, but what about country breakdowns? An alternative may be to identify a post with some location identity.

Looking forward to both exploring and contributing here.

-MikeA (South Carolina, USA)

Hey MikeA, and welcome to Motowhere!

It’s quite a reasonable suggestion you’ve made; however I will hold back on implementing it for now simply because we have very little traffic and activity in the forums. Should it grow in usage in the future then no doubt it would be a great idea to split it by regions.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for rides in specific geographies, you can do so either by browsing the ride map:

Or typing place names into the search box on the home page:

Let me know how you get on.

Thanks for the getting started links and resources Jules.